Corrily supports anonymous users who might one day register and get a stable user_id.

In general, converted users should always see the same price they saw on their first visit, before sign up.

The flow for anonymous users will require you to send the user’s IP in the request payload or header. Corrily will remember the price displayed to the given IP, and will stick the registered user to this price on the first API call where both ip and user_id fields are present.

How the flow works

  1. For anonymous users send an ip without any user_id: {“ip”: “XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX”} -> price1
  2. The ip is now tied to the above price. When a user converts and their user_id is known, send both their ip and user_id: {“ip”: “XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX”, “user_id”: “user1”} -> price1
  3. After the above call, the user will be tied to price1. Requests with only user_id will now always be tied to the same price and any anonymous users visiting with the same ip likewise.

Backfilled user case

In the case of backfilled old users, they will see the price assigned to them. However, if they happen to visit the page anonymously, they might see another price until they log themselves in.