Corrily Coupons can be used to apply discounts to the products and subscriptions you offer. Coupons in Corrily can be either a fixed amount coupon such as 10 USD or 1000 JPY, or a percentage off, such as 10% or 15% off

You can use coupons to:

  • Apply discounts to every invoice or only one invoice
  • Reduce invoice amounts by a percentage or a flat amount
  • Apply discounts to every subscription a customer has or only specific ones

Create a Corrily Coupon

Create coupons on the Dashboard or with the API

Creating a coupon on Corrily Dashboard:

  • On the Corrily Dashboard, open the Coupons page.
  • Click “Create Corrily Coupon”
  • In the dialog, enter the coupon parameters
  • Click Create coupon.

Alternatively, you can also import coupons from other systems such as from Stripe or Chargebee. This creates and maps corresponding Corrily coupons.

Here are all the settings for coupons that Corrily supports right now:

  • Name: The name of the coupon that appears on receipts and invoices
  • API ID: A unique identifier for the coupon in the API. Corrily auto generates this for you, but you can also change it to your liking
  • Type: Determines whether a coupon discounts a subscription by a fixed amount or by a percentage
  • Value: Percentage off or Discount amount
  • Currency: currency for Fixed Amount coupons

We will soon be adding support for coupon expiration, coupon targeting (i.e. certain coupon codes can only be applied on certain products for e.g.),