Corrily only collects and stores information that is necessary to offer our service, and we do this only with the consent of our customers. Our approach towards privacy, security, and data protection align with the core tenets of GDPR.

Corrily takes Data Protection seriously - we have completed a comprehensive review of our operations to ensure that we are able to meet our obligations under all applicable regulations in all territories. We have completed a GDPR implementation project to ensure we have all required policies and procedures in place, and that we respect the rights of our data subjects at all times. We have documented policies and procedures covering all aspects of compliance including: Privacy Policy, SAR Policy, Data Breach Policy, Information Security Policy and have adopted the GDPR DPA document as standard.

Additionally, we have appointed an Article 27 Representative and have established relationships with data protection consultants to ensure we meet our ongoing obligations and operate to the highest level of compliance at all times.