Structured for efficiency, this resource helps you to master the Corrily Platform, which includes Price Management and Price Experimentation. While invaluable for those new to Corrily, this documentation also serves Pricing experts seeking in-depth knowledge in specific aspects of their domain. Navigate through the three main sections - Overview for Beginners, Integration Guides for Advanced and the Specific Product-Feature sections.

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For Beginners

If you’re new to Corrily, start with the Basics section to grasp the core value proposition of the platform. Then, move on to the Quickstart guides to understand how to set up a simple application. Finally, look at the code samples on the Github Repo.

For Advanced Users

If you’re well-versed, we recommend going over the Quickstart guides and our architecture overview. After that, dig into Integration Guides that align with your specific billing platforms or features of interest.

Billing Platforms supported

  • Stripe
  • Chargebee
  • Recurly
  • Braintree
  • Apple iOs
  • Google Play
  • Custom Integration (for any other platform)

Don’t want to spend time digging into the docs? Corrily team is always available for Technical Calls, where we discuss both integration processes and technical aspects. The call is also an opportunity to share best practices in Price Experimentation and Price Management.

Dive Deeper into Corrily’s Platform

  1. Paywall Builder: Learn to leverage Corrily’s ready-made Paywalls UI to save development time.
  2. Price Management: Understand how to efficiently manage and adjust your pricing and packaging, either globally or based on specific countries and audiences.
  3. Users: Get to know how to manage your user base, including anonymous visitors, and how to setup audiences for more fine-grained pricing, experimentation and analytics.
  4. Experimentation: Master the art of designing and running experiments to optimize almost every aspect of subscription monetization.
  5. Analytics: Use Corrily’s subscription analytics to save money on the separate analytics tool and build better understanding on how read experiment results to make data-driven decisions.
  6. Security and Privacy: Rest assured that Corrily prioritizes security and minimizes the use of sensitive user data.