Corriy can also help you set audience specific prices. For e.g., let’s say you have created an audience called Students. On Corrily’s Prices section under Product Catalog, you can then set specific prices for this particular audience. You can enable these audience prices for all or some specific countries. For e.g. Students in the US can be shown specific prices in USD, whereas Students in Mexico can be shown another pries in Mexican Pesos (‘MXN’)

How to set Audience Prices in Corrily

  • On the Corrily dashboard, navigate to Product Catalog ->Prices.
  • Navigate to the Audience Prices tab, and click on Add Audience Prices.
  • Select the product and countries you want to generate these audience prices for.
  • Audience prices will inherit respective country prices be default, but can be changed using Pricing Bulk Actions before setting final audience prices.
  • If you no longer need audience segmentation for prices, you can delete these audience-specific prices.