Setting Prices
Audience Prices

Corriy can also help you set audience specific prices. For e.g., let’s say you have created an audience called Students in North America. On Corrily’s dashboard, you can then set specific prices for this particular audience on the Price Control Center. You can localize these prices for every country included in the audience. For e.g. Students in the US can be shown specific prices in USD, whereas students in Mexico can be shown another prices in Mexican Pesos (‘MXN’)

How to set Audience Prices in Corrily

  • On the Corrily dashboard, navigate to Price Control Center
  • If you have created a Corrily Audience, you would see price entries for every product and country combination. Let’s say, you have two products called productA and productB, you would see 6 price entries viz. two each for US, Canada, and Mexico
  • Search for the audience you are interested in setting the price for
  • If this is the first time you are setting a price for this audience, you will not see any prices for the audience
  • Click Edit to set specific prices per price row, or use bulk action