A Feature is a smallest piece of functionaly, that you want to sell your customers. Every product may be represented as a set of features. You can combine features in different combinations to form different products.

In Corrily features can be of two types:

  • Boolean - a flag, which singlizes that a particular functionality is included into a product;
  • Numeric - a flag with a threshold value, that allows you to limit consumption of a resource. For a numeric feature you can create many threshold values, including “Unlimited” threshold value;

Creating a Feature

  • navigate to Product catalog > Features on your Corrily dashboard
  • click on Create Feature button
  • Fill the form

If you want to create a numeric feature, then you will need to specify measuring unit (for example: Gb, RPS, …) and a list of threshold values.

After feature is created, you can attach it to a product (see product configuration page).

Features allow you to create detailed descriptions of your products for paywalls.