Before you show prices on your pricing interfaces using Corrily and start experimentation, please review this launch checklist to make sure everything is set-up properly:

  • Create Corrily products for every product that you wish to integrate with us. If you have a large catalog of products, we recommend using a CSV file to upload this to Corrily, otherwise you can easily create these on our dashboard.

    TIP: If you have created redundant products in the past on your subscription management or commerce platform in order to experiment with different prices or simply serve your product in different currencies, Corrily can help with simplification of your backend product catalog. Since Corrily can serve a product across diffeernt prices and currencies, we often find our customers abstracting that complexity over to Corrily

  • Gather what your base price for the products are - these would be default prices that you want to serve for your product. You can send this info to Corrily using a CSV while uploading products or use the dashboard.

  • Gather your master pricing sheet. Usually your pricing team will have a list of country prices and what currency you are charging users in. Upload this information to Corrily using a CSV.

  • Gather your existing FX rates if you are converting prices from your base currency to local currencies.

  • Identify and integrate Corrily API on all of your pricing interfaces for a consistent user experience

  • Backfill old users who Corrily doesn’t know about. While this is an optional step, it helps Corrily’s models learn faster and also make sure that we can lock the prices for your existing paying user base. This can be alternatively achieved by letting Corrily know while calling our API when a particular user is an old user, or explicitly asking a user to be excluded from an experiment

  • Integrate Corrily in a staging or sandbox environment and test with a few user accounts to ensure prices are being served correctly. TIP: Test your pricing interface with a few anonymous/unauthenticated visits using different IPs, as well as different logged-in user accounts (old and new) to smoke-test the expected prices. Corrily can also create a staging set-up for your organization at our end.

  • Start small with ~1-2% of your traffic on Day 1, monitor for a day, and if everything looks good - open the flood-gates to 100% of your traffic

  • Once integrated and live, you are all set to run experiments on our platform.

Prepare your product information

Gather the following information about your product/service:

  • Product name: A human-readable, descriptive name for the product/service
  • Base price(USD): The default price of your product. Currently, Corrily only supports USD but will soon be supporting other currencies
  • Recurring Interval: What’s the recurrence interval for your product (e.g. Monthly, Yearly, or One time)
  • Interval Frequency: How frequently the product/service is charged for e.g a product with a monthly interval, and interval count of 3 means that you are charging users every 3 months.
  • API ID: The identifier that you’ll provide when calling Corrily’s REST API endpoints
  • Cents: Whether you display your price with cents or not (e.g. 20or20 or 19.99)

If you have a subscription service with multiple billing plans, you should provide this information for each billing plan.


Product/Service NameBase Price (USD)Recurrence IntervalAPI IDCents
Monthly Plan10Monthmonthly_planTrue
Annual Plan60Yearannual_planTrue
Lifetime Plan600One-Offlifetime_planFalse

Notify Corrily of payment gateway events

As explained in Price optimization overview, Corrily needs to be notified of subscription and charge events if you’re doing price experimentation. The easiest way is through OAuth and just requires 2 clicks. After access is granted, your payment gateway automatically notifies Corrily of subscription and charge events. Otherwise you can manually notify Corrily.

If you’re using Stripe and would like to get your Corrily integration started now, click the Connect with Stripe button to grant Corrily read-only access to your Stripe subscription and charge events.