Today, digital businesses leave both money and users on the table owing to various challenges with their pricing and packaging strategy viz:

  • Slow and expensive price discovery
  • Lack of visibility into willingness to pay across different markets and user segments
  • Lack of resources when it comes to experimenting with pricing and packaging viz. trials and trial lengths, features, plans shown etc.
  • Inability to change prices without complex billing engineering

Corrily solves these challenges by making it extremely simple for business users to personalize paywalls for different user segments, run live experiments to find hidden monetization opportunities, make real-time changes to prices and packages, as well as get automated pricing insights.

Corrily natively integrates with all major payment gateways, subscription management and commerce platforms, allowing you to:

Run live monetization experiments across platforms

  • Paywall Experiments wherever you show a paywall, pricing page or product prices to your users - be it on your website, mobile app, in-product or via marketing channels
  • Price Experiments to test what prices optimize your revenue and conversion. Pricing tests can span simple tests such as testing individual prices or currencies of products, or more complex tests such as relative pricing of products
  • Packaging Experiments to test what combination of products, features and trials work the best - for e.g. for an e-learning businesses students are more likely to buy short term plans such as a month-long plan, whereas professionals may be inclined to buy longer-term plans such as 3-months, or even an annual plan.
  • Discount Experiments to test what discounts work the best for your objectives i.e. does 10% discount off work better than a flat $10 discount?

Understand Price Elasticity

  • Study the impact of any experiment using Corrily’s analytics dashboard or export analytics-ready tables into your own analytics or data warehouse platforms
  • Understand your product’s demand curve across your users using in-built analytics
  • Monitor key downstream metrics such as revenue, ARPU, Trial and Paid Conversion, LTV, Average Order Value (AOV) etc.

Offer Personalized Discounts

  • Personalize discounts for every user based on user features such as their location, device type, acquisition channel, product engagement etc.
  • Run promotional campaigns such as during holiday periods or during other key marketing moments

Manage Prices at Scale

  • Manage the prices of products, including handling of different currencies, FX conversions, local price formats, as well as price-niceness strategies
  • Assign unique prices and coupons to individual users or groups (segments) of users