A successful pricing strategy needs to look beyond a one-size fits all strategy. Corrily Audiences help you get a deeper understanding of how your user base is reacting to your current pricing and packaging, any experiments that you run, or any price or packaging changes that you roll out. For e.g. your link shortener subscription service may generally be seeing higher churn amongst the freelancers audience segment, and boutique creative studios may have higher willingness to pay for your products.

Corrily Audiences can not only help you uncover these insights, you can also use these insights in your price segmentation strategy.

A Corrily Audience can consist of the following:

  • country that the user is coming in from.
  • Any number of custom attributes. For e.g. you can create an audience called Young students in India, with country=India, and custom attributes: Age, and User Type

You can also create worldwide Corrily Audiences by selecting All Countries while creating an audience.

To create a new Corrily Audience:

  • Navigate to Audiences > Audience List
  • Click on Create Audience
  • Give the audience a name, such as “Musicians in North America”, select the target countries (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • Choose the relevant Attribute (Check )
  • Select the desired matching function
  • Specify Attribute value