In Corrily, a Product represents a sellable item, such as a subscription or a one-time purchase, that can be offered to users. It is typically mapped 1:1 to plans or add-ons from billing platforms and can be configured with various parameters like base price, billing interval, currency, and country-specific prices.

Creating a Product

  • navigate to Product catalog > Products on your Corrily dashboard
  • click on Create Product button
  • Fill a multi-step form

Step 1

On the first step you need to fill all base information about your product. This information you will be able to get later via calculate price API or via Paywall integration.

Step 2

On the second step you can set up trial configuration for your product.

Step 3

On the third step you can enter information to bind you Corrily product with a product from your payment system.

Also, you can create products via API

Product features configuration

After a product is created, you can attach Features that that product. To do so, click on the product name and you will see a product information page. On that page there is Product Features section.

By clicking on an item in features list, you can attach chosen feature to a product.