Set Prices

Product prices can be further specified in the dashboard’s Pricing Control Center which a tabular view of all prices.

When setting prices, Corrily follows a hierarchy of precedence, as seen in the image below. Country prices take precedence over product base prices. If a user a product price is being fetched for belongs to an audience that has a price, then that audience’s price will take precedence over a country price tied to where the user is from. Finally, experimental prices take precedence over all other prices apart from direct price overrides.

Locking prices to users

When products are requested for users using the prices endpoint the returned prices are locked-in by Corrily and all subsequent calls (unless overriden) will return the same prices.

Other actions that impact price

Additionally, other actions might affect the price fetched. These include coupon applications, which take either a fixed amount or a percentage off a price; rounding rules, which shift prices to look nice; or requests for a locked price to be displayed in another currency.