Calculate a localized or optimized price for your service or product based on the customer's location and other characteristics.


The first time that you call this endpoint for a given IP address and user ID, Corrily calculates the price. On subsequent calls (with the same IP address and user ID), Corrily returns the original calculated price.

See Calculate price API examples for examples of how this endpoint is commonly used.

Price localization

If you're only using Corrily for price localization (i.e. you are not doing price optimization), this is the endpoint that you call in order to get localized prices.

Price optimization

If you're also doing price optimization, this is the endpoint you call to get optimized prices.

As explained in Price optimization overview, Corrily either returns an experimental price or a control price which will be used to benchmark the experimental prices.

Experimental prices are affected by the following factors:

  • The (potential) customer's location, which is inferred from their IP address
  • Any user characteristics that you have provided
  • The outcomes of previous price experiments
  • The upper and lower bounds that you defined in the Corrily Dashboard


See Calculate price response.

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