Packaging Experiments

Corrily’s packaging experiments allow you to test various packaging strategies for your entire user base or a subset of users to test what combination of products and plans work best for them. You can use a packaging experiment to test:

  • Different combination of plans for e.g. say you have 4 tiers of your product offering - Basic, Pro, Team, Advanced. A packaging experiment allows you to test showing different combination of those plans to different users (including targeted segments), and decide what’s the optimal combination
  • A packaging experiment also allows you to test different copies, feature highlights etc. by creating different variants of the same plans say Basic VariantA v/s Basic VariantB

How to run a packaging experiment?

  • To set up a packaging experiment, you need to select the the experiment objective
  • Define the packages:
    • Select which products or plans go into which packages
    • If you have an existing packaging strategy, that variant forms your control group
  • Define which countries or audiences should be included in the experiment i.e. who is part of the experiment
  • Select the traffic allocation strategy i.e. decide whether you want to manually set traffic allocation across each experiment treatment, or let Corrily automatically manage traffic allocation*
  • Provide additional information such as historical churn data for your individual products
  • Once an experiment is set up, you can Submit for Review
  • Corrily’s experimentation team reviews and takes the experiment Live