Corrily Paywall is a fully functional front-end component, displaying plans, prices, coupons, and other entities from Corrily’s Core. Essentially, it’s a payment page, rendered by front-end SDK, that dynamically displays prices from Corrily’s Core for each specific user.


A Package means a set of plans to be displayed on the Paywall depending on the user’s location or other attributes. It encapsulates several plans, all of which are displayed on the Paywall. This abstraction simplifies management of which plan sets to show to which Audience and in which country.


Corrily Product represents a Plan or Addon User might subscribe to. Typically, Corrily Products are mapped 1:1 to Plans or Addons from billing platforms.


Corrily Price is an entity which holds the amount and currency to be displayed for the selected Product in the selected country for the User’s Audience.

Fixed vs. Ephemeral prices

The concept of ephemeral prices in Corrily.

Corrily price can be either fixed or ephemeral.

Fixed Prices

A fixed price is a set <amount, currency> pair that is set via the dashboard, or one of our CRUD API endpoints, and identifiable by a price_id prefixed by price_<id>. The amount set will match exactly the display values returned by Corrily’s API.

Ephemeral Prices

Ephemeral prices are the product of price transformations applied to fixed prices such as explicit applications of rounding, calls for the price to be displayed in another currency, coupon applications, or price overrides. Ephemeral prices too are identifiable by price IDs but these are prefixed by eph_price_<id>.

Trial Period

A Trial Period is an entity that allows the addition of a free or paid trial period to a Product. The parameters of the Trial Period are configured separately from the Product itself and can be experimented with by attempting different Trials for different Products.


Corrily Coupon represents a discount option, which allows giving a specific User a fixed or percentage discount on a Product. Typically Corrily Coupons map 1:1 to the coupons on billing platforms.

Product Feature

Product Feature represents a piece of functionality included into a specific Product. Corrily allows to dynamically show different sets of features included into Products on the Paywall.


Corrily User represents physical person, who can see the price and can have one or several subscriptions, each subscription comprises one or several products. Typically Corrily User maps 1:1 to billing platform Customer.

User Attribute

Corrily might store any custom metadata Attributes assigned to a User. Those attribute values can be used to define Audiences by a variety of rules.


Corrily allows to segment Users based on the rules on top of User Attributes.


An Experiment is a single A-B-test, or Bayesian test, allowing comparison of different Packages, Prices, striked “old” prices, Trial Periods, discounts, Features, and other pricing attributes User can see.